Bellavie LadyBee

BeeS&BreeZ    *C.H.n.g.*fAcEs.{*bLV}.

Bellavie LadyBee

BeeS&BreeZ    *C.H.n.g.*fAcEs.{*bLV}.

Who's Bellavie Lady Bee?

Bellavie Lady Bee 

Emerging artist




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vibrant, eclectic, colorful, unapologetic

With a very vivid look, style and visuals expression, yet there is a deep side and sensitivity you feel with the imaginative writing and clever phrasing in their lyrics poems and content 

Hustler Ball

Bellavie Original Debut single is out now

*Hustler Ball* Original Debut Single

*Hustler Ball*

Bellavie Lady Bee

Original Debut Single

This piece is a must-have in any clubs, parties and other affairs... A Hymn for hustlers and hedonists alike. Multi-hyphenate, multilingual, French-born Londoner "Bellavie Lady Bee" described as a "high breed" (appellation given by Bellavie former label Almighty records) is a singer-songwriter, performer and creative writer This emerging artist has a unique style, modern, retro, eclectic and "Hustler Ball" is an example of it. A mix of R'n'B electro-pop with a 7 barres rap outro.

Hustler Ball (lyrics)

Intro: OOOHHH! "Oui Queen! Have no shame on this game Cause when you given that title You sure is motherfucking entitled"Hustle Ball! Here I come whooo! Hustle Ball! Here I come! Hustle Ball! Here I come whooo! V1 I am here trying hard  Need somebody to know How to make me precious  In the eyes of the world Pussy cat wet, can't have dry home I am sheer fearce hustler For a stronger household. Hook I keep it 100 Cause I got Fuck all to lose, lose It's a fabulous life  When you got fuck all to prove Chorus I get on my knees if you say baby please Like prayer to me say yeeees!!! I'll be your joy if you give me all I need I'm the goddess of your empire Everybody jumps to the secret sounds of dreams And reach your personal Nirvana

Bridge Life is a hustler ball Hustler ballx 4 Life is a hustler ball Hustler ball x4 Rap Gimme x6 some-mo  Me no ready to go Let me ride this sick flow (till I drop like I’m dope)x 2 In this-world-of machos  They can keep their promos Me fearless homo  will run this slick show will run this slick-show So you better let go  Of hate and ego It’s my due in this world  I’m a beautiful soul. Ain't no dick ain't no Harry Just me an my Saree Living life like safari  Me not into punnani. SO KEEP CRAFTING BABY C'est ma jungle c’est ma vie La dolce vita it’s me  Bellavie je suis ravi  A.K.A. Lady Bee  don’t you know qui je suis? Me Ratchet-Bouji  DJ pal LarryTee has-a-brand-called Zjouji  make me-pop-like Missy Elliot Billy-Elliot And me are too quirky you see to be part of one scene are too quirky you see to be part of one scene In this jungle of Serpents  Ready to Rumble my presence I don't need no amendments  Be prepared I'm true essence OOOHHH!

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